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Project WET and Healthy Water Healthy People

Teaching people to understand and value water, promoting water conservation and protection for all.

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Project WET

Project WET (Water Education for Teachers) is dedicated to reaching children, parents, teachers and community members with water education. Since its creation in 1984, Project WET has achieved its worldwide mission of water education by:

  • Publishing water resource materials in several languages
  • Providing training workshops on divers water topics
  • Organizing community water events
  • Building a worldwide network of resource professionals

The Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide is a collection of water-related activities that are hands-on, easy to use, and fun! More than 60 activities incorporate large and small group learning, whole-body activities, laboratory investigations and a variety of other formats. Supplementary resources are available to complement and enrich many of the activities.


In late 1994, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources introduced Project WET in Ohio. The Ohio Water Education Program, a collaboration of state agencies and Associations, helped organize and facilitate Project WET. Today, Project WET – Ohio is managed by the Ohio EPA’s Office of Environmental Education.

Healthy Water, Healthy People

Healthy Water, Healthy People (HWHP) is the secondary curriculum to Project WET. HWHP is intended for middle and high school type audiences, but can be adapted for other audiences and grade levels.

Healthy Water, Healthy People Activity Resources

These resources are necessary to complete specific activities:

Level 1 Qualified Data Collection (QDC) and Healthy Water, Healthy People (HWHP)

Level 1 QDC was designed with educators in mind and may be appropriate for Soil & Water Conservation Districts, Park Districts, Health Departments, or anyone with an interest in Ohio water quality. The purpose of Level 1 is primarily to promote public awareness and education about surface waters of the state. The Office of Environmental Education uses the HWHP Curriculum during the instruction of the Level 1 QDC Training. Level 1 covers Chemical, Habitat and Macroinvertebrate Monitoring during a day-long training. Ohio EPA uses HWHP as a curriculum resource to teach Level 1 QDC.

Field Resources

Other Resources

Other Program Resources

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